Monday, 13 May 2013

Open letter to the Prime Minister: BN can win urban Malay voters

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

1. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your recent win. However, I share your disappointment at the failure of getting 2/3rd majority and getting back Selangor.

2. A lot of analysis have bee done by numerous people on why we failed. Please allow me to share my own opinion.

3. We did not get 2/3 + Selangor because 95% of Chinese voted for DAP led Pakatan and rejection of the urban Malay voters. I do not want to talk about the Chinese Tsunami since many people have covered this already. However I would like to state here that the Chinese Tsunami did indeed happened. Period.

In this letter, I would like to give my opinion on how to win back the urban Malay voters. We could have gotten the 2/3 + Selangor in the last GE if we had satisfy this group.

How to win them back?

a) They voted for Pakatan to get cheap cars

The urbanites did not want to listen to BN explanation. Period. In their minds, if the perceived corruption is eliminated then somehow this will trickle down so much so that the price of cars will be cheaper.

You can show all kinds of predictions and diagrams - they just refused to listen. The UMNO Youth failed to do their job despite having an 'intelligent' leader.

Solution  - Give them what they want.

 b) They voted for Pakatan to get free education

 The urban youth rejected BN explanation. In their mind, if the perceived corruption is eliminated then somehow this will trickle down and everybody can go to university for free.

They dont want explanation. The UMNO Youth failed to explain and convince the youth/students reg this issue despite the 'Twitter Popularity' of the UMNO Youth Leader.

Solution - Give them what they want

c) They voted for Pakatan to get cheaper houses

See (A) and (B)

d) They voted for Pakatan to get cheaper groceries

See (A), (B) and (C)

4. So you see Mr Prime Minister, all the talk about rasuah, unfair election etc is really a smokescreen. If you had promise to do 3 out of 4 from the above, you'll get your 2/3 + Selangor. Is it responsible? Can the country afford these? The urbanites do not care. They think that if there are no corruption then all the above could happen. They failed to look at Singapore where the amount of corruption is low but the price of houses are extremely expensive. They just do not want to listen.

5. I am not saying that we should take lightly of corruption. Actually we should have heavier and harsher penalty for corrupt individuals than what we have now.

6. BN has always been seen as a party for the rich and the very poor. You need to capture the middle class people because they are the majority in this country now. I have mentioned this before in my previous post but you opted to listen to your advisors instead - so i just kept quiet.

7. I was truly dissapointed with your continued appeasement of the Chinese and refusal to listen to the demand of the urban Malay middle class. You have 5 more years to rectify the mistakes. You do not need to appoint Anwar Ibrahim 2.0 to get the urban votes.

8. Try harder to unite UMNO-PAS. You had bend and kneel to the Chinese You went to great length to win their votes. Why cant you do the same for your base? Why are you taking your base for granted? Trust me, when the Malays unite, the rest will follow.


  1. Sdari,

    Fikiran saudari seiring dengan ramai Melayu diluar sana. Namun adakah kerajaan baru BN yg bakal ditubuhkan dalam sedikit masa lagi akan patuh kpd inspirasi penyokong2 tegar UMNO/BN?

    PM Najib juga mempunyai beberapa isu peribadi sptmana juga Sharizat Jalil mempunyai isu dan telah kalah pada PRU12.

    Sekiranya penubuhan kabinet baru ini tidak menampakkan apa2 perubahan yg jelas apakah golongan spt kita ini akan berdiam diri dan hanya menunggu saat PRU14 untuk membuat keputusan?

    1. Kalau nasihat tidak diikuti, semangat saja PRU14,,, kita tolak BN/Umno. Maka tersurat la Najib PM terakhir dari kerajaan BN... berdasarkan teori RAHMAN.

  2. fatimah, you got 1,2 and 3 correct. good.....

    On the 4th point, "They failed to look at Singapore where the amount of corruption is low but the price of houses are extremely expensive." Now, your reasoning sucks.
    SGP lacks land and space, thus the houses/apts are expensive.
    But your point on "corruption is eliminated then somehow this will trickle down so much so that the prices will be cheaper" is to be noted by our current SATU MALAYSIA PM.

    And on the 8th, it is clearly an EVIL PLAN to disregard the other races votes in Malaysia during PRU...anyone can see this...don't have to disguise it as some Malays / Islam unity....niat pun dah tak betul, cik adik ooi....

    1. I disagree on SGP house prices. I have lived there for many years so I am quite familiar.Unlike in MY, the Singapore govt controls the public housing with the private developers only allowed high end properties.In theory with the govt in control of housing,the price should be affordable. But in reality the house prices of HDB flats are sky high. This was a major issue in the 2011 GE for them.

  3. hey she got good point...GIVE THEM WHAT THEY s about d money....use d brim money whatever 1M to realize their dream...dont take singapore as class! take china for an instance....such big nation n yet d housing is expensive...they want house give them house...if cement is expensive use education...can y not..downgrade d unis facilities just like our beloved sister country bangladesh...keep good unis like in china for only d qualified and able...u guys jyst want FREE EDUCATION doesnt necessarily mean QUALITY right? u guys got any outstanding unis give free tuition ha?if u have we can duplicate d system...want cheaper cars...use china cars la imported also...proton n perodua cut half of their car prices also nice...but u pay for half maybe we will get half car...again...theres a saying...u pay PEANUTS u get MONKEYS...c..airasia for instance upfront look cheap when u calculated u pay more...
    i agree with d writer...GIVE EM WAT THEY WANT and maybe less street demos...but for that the agenda

    1. Linda....your ranting seems always makes sense if your role model of someone/something is in the higher echelon i.e SGP, UK, France....anyway, i was just replying fatimah that i find her reasoning on properties in SGP doesn't gel well...
      BTW, if you could gimme some links to properties in China to be very expensive, i would gladly look it up to gain some knowledge...
      Well Linda, this is the idea that i have...1st world countries, UK, France (which i could think of) provides free education, medical to their citizens, Why can't we work towards that? Is there some sort of mental block or inferior complexity i am sensing here? That we can't move towards being a 1st World country? To take note - the taxing system is very heavy on these countries, especially to the ones who runs business and earns well, but the earnings are trickled down to the RAKYAT, in forms of free educations, medicals one word, we DEMAND the ruling gov to serve and work better as years go by...NOW, this is only being demanded by majority of Malaysians, but you may stay stagnant within your comfort zone, by all means...Just don't stop others from progessing...

  4. Interesting perspective. Much food for thought, indeed.

  5. Assalam

    Yes, everybody wants everything cheap if not free. I asked an old friend, 'Why are you so crazy over PAS?' She said, 'Food is cheap in Kelantan.' Then I asked her again, 'Really? Then why do you live in KL not in Kelantan?'

    1. There are either pessimist or optimist. What are you??

  6. I tend to concur with you some points. BN lost much votes on silly promises of Pakatan on such things as free education, lower car prices, lower petrol, no toll, etc. But some of the issues are real too - crime, high house prices, escalating inflation, etc.

    Other issues are self inflicted. BN strategists been blind or been fed with poor data or out of touch with reality. Some of the candidates were poor. Especially for Selangor, BN's candidates did not come out as strong or fresh but still associated with the legacy of Khir Toyo or tainted in other ways.

    For example, remember I chatted with you in the FB on Zul as the candidate for Shah Alam. It was a poor choice knowing his background as well as the demographics (significant % of Chinese and Indian voters). That in the previous GE, the BN lost due to the issue of parachuted candidate also was not taken into consideration.