Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Open letter to Malaysian: Why do we need to learn history?

Dear Malaysians,

1. Today, the Prime Minister has appointed a controversial figure (let us name him Mr KJ) to become a Minister. Since we are living in a free and open democracy, please allow me to give my opinion on this appointment.

2. Firstly, I respect the Prime Minister prerogative in appointing his cabinet but that does not mean we should stay silent.

3. Exactly 30 years ago, a controversial bloke (let us called him Mr AI) was appointed as a full minister - Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. He was appointed to this ministerial position after he defeated SK for the Youth Leader position the year before. He was also at that time a member of Parliament after winning the PP seat.

Today, Mr KJ was appointed to the same ministerial position after winning the Youth Leader position and Parliamentary seat.

4. When Mr AI defeated SK for the Youth Leader position in a heated party election, there were cries of  'politik wang' or in a laymen term - rasuah. Coincidentally, when Mr KJ became Youth Leader in a heated election there were also shouts of rasuah...rasuah...rasuah.

5. AI was and still is considered the best in terms of oratory skill in Malaysian politics. Many of the world dictators are brilliant orator - Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini. Mao, etc . In Multi level marketing (MLM), you sell yourself and your product to get people attention. In Pasar Seni, fraudsters sells snake oil to get people attention and usually they will show documents and so called 'evidence' to get people attention.

Back in the old days, Mr AI used Islam as his products and his involvement in many different youth and Islamic societies as a testimonial of his abilities and capabilities. Back then, whoever tried to criticize Mr AI, they were chided as being jealous (the J-word). Of course, as Mr AI progressed in the political scene, he slowly changed his product from Islam to the Malay agenda. However, today, Mr AI talks about liberalization and acceptance of gay rights.

Similarly, Mr KJ is also a good orator. He uses his academic credential as his testimonial. When someone try to criticize him, his supporters will throw the J-word. His products? When he first came to prominence, he was selling the Malay agenda as his product. He was so adamant of this agenda that one of his goons  provoked the then Youth Leader to show 'the keris'. However, lately, he has change his tune and try to re-brand his product similar to what Mr AI did.

6. Just five months after joining a political party, Mr AI was appointed Deputy Minister at the PM Office. During this short period of time, he recruited a lot of his friends from ABIM, and at the PM office, he started scheming and planning. One of his friend that he managed to brought over was also known as KJ! In fact Mr AI has two close friends named KJ. When Mr AI became Youth Leader, most of his supporters are already well-placed in the party hierarchy.

 Similarly, Mr KJ also had a short but destructive time at the DPM/PM office. He did better than Mr AI by marrying the DPM daughter in 2001. When the DPM became PM, his status went from Special Officer to the DPM -> Deputy Principal Private Secretary to the PM. There, he recruited a lot of his pals from around the world. This period of time is known as The Fourth Floor era. The effect of misrule and silly policies from the Fourth Floor Boys is still being felt until today. If you do not know what the Fourth Floor Boys is and their effects to the nation, please ask Uncle Google.

 7. It will be most interesting to see in the next couple of years how Mr KJ will use his position to influence the youth. My bet is that he will exactly do what Mr AI did when he was KBS and then later on, Education Minister. Back then, Mr AI abused his position to make himself an idol for the youth. Instead of promoting UMNO as a brand, he was promoting himself as the brand. This self-branding was continued in a large scale effort when he was appointed Minister of Education.

For the past 5 years, Mr KJ has done nothing as Youth Leader to improve the perception amongst the youth towards his party. Instead, he was busy promoting KJ as the brand, as a result he is considerably well-known in the social media world. This is just a sample of things to come.

8. The fact that a lot of the so called 'anti-rasuah' generals and brigades are congratulating him is just sickening. It shows that Malaysian are forgetful lot (mudah lupa). It also shows that rasuah is not really a problem as long as the toll price, the car price, the petrol price, the price of groceries and whatever else are cheap.

9. There is no such thing as new politics. Politics is old. When Mr AI was DPM, he used his minions in the mainstream media to project an aura of 'greatness'. Mr KJ uses social media to project his 'greatness'. At the end of the day, the objective and the desired result is still the same.

Mr Prime Minister, you were with Mr AI since the Youth days, are you too blind to see that Mr KJ is exactly like him? I do understand it is politically suicidal if Mr KJ was not given a position since he has branded himself well especially amongst the youth. So in GE14, please put him in a mixed or Chinese majority seat in Klang Valley.

10. Sulaiman Palestine once warned TDM to be careful of Mr AI. Now, I would like to remind the Prime Minister and the whole Malaysian to learn from history.

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  1. He was trained by free mason in Oxford. Umno youth is supposed to be pressure group for malays but he failed miserably causing ibrahim ali's perkasa to brcome famous. He is a full time politician and has no working experience what so ever similar to nurul izzah and tian chua. Once they become leader their master the zionist will guide them all the way. He is prince of darkness. Beware!

  2. Dear Paktam,

    1. I am not sure what you are talking about.

    2. I dont like conspiracy theories. I only present historical facts.

    3. Hopefully, Prime Minister is doing the "Keep your friends close, and your enemy closer" thingy.

    4. TDM did that in early 80s but ended up trusting the enemy too much. Hopefully the PM will learn from TDM mistake in applying the mafia quote

  3. Cik Fatimah,
    Two swallows doesn't make a summer

  4. Dear A Malay Dah-Lah-Lama,

    One swallow doesn't make a summer but too many swallows make a fall.


  5. Good read overall. But does make my head spin a bit. Maybe its all the hazy situation I'm in.

  6. Akak,

    1. Hello.

    2. Nice writing. I discovered you blog upon reading the translated version in Utusan this morning. The English version by far are more humourous if humours are intended. I wanted to leave comment on SHMC but on second thought, enough being said. Probably that fellow are now the Ketua Umum of SHMC.

    3. Now this KJ fellow. I have to declare first that I voted for him in the last election. He did not get my vote in the GE 12.

    4. Granted and agreed that both KJ and AI fellow bore similar resemblance. Both are ruthless, ambitious, conniving, nacissistic, witty and good looking.

    5. For that matter, I would say that KJ probably would like to be with PR side if not because of the old fued between his father in law and AI. You would agree that AI at his prime, treated his father in law like persona non grata. Probably too much for Nori to swallow.

    6. However, KJ like girls only. That make him very different than AI. As you know a typical traits of pondan ( no offence intended as I have many pondans as my good friends), they are hyper sensitive, vindictives and petty. AI do have all these qualities. I do not see that in KJ.

    7. KJ made mistakes as all of us do when we are young.

    8. I have seen him matured and progressed into a decent and intelligent guy. I would say he could be an asset for Najib to counter PR parliamentarians like AI, Rafizi, Karpal or even LKS in debates. I could not see anyone else could do even half decent job. Please do not get angry if you think I am talking rubbish here.

    9. All of us have a duty to guide him. Give him chance. We have nothing to loose anyway as we are all doomed. AI have manipulated all of us (TDM included). Probably KJ could unite us.

    Until that, let us not divides any further.

  7. Dear Urban Melayu

    1. Ok. I agree that we should give him a chance. Everybody makes mistake and should be given a chance.

    2. I really hope that Mr KJ will read this article and repent.

    3. He should learn a bit or two abt humility from Shaziman Mansor.

    4. If ever he has high ambition, he should know that in Malaysia, people who scheme 24/7 will never reach to the top because this nation of ours is blessed by God

  8. Personally, i find KJ is one of the most reasonable, remarkable politician with BN, the other guy being Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah....these guys think before they talk....great contrast if you were to look into our 1Malaysia PM speech, right after PRU13...Now, if these guys have some sinister plans, the rakyat would sniff it our sooner or later....rakyat nowadays knows that they are THE BOSS...anyway, i am game too to see a better malaysia with new age politicians holding heartiest wishes to KJ with his new role

  9. Its so clear....just like a sprinter...who knows where to start...n where to stop, but KJ, i really want to see ur ability in educating youth..plz...

  10. People like KJ, and that AirAsia X fellow are the iceberg of Malay feeling apologetic to other races for the success that they have achieved. Maybe @fzuhri could pen an article why the Malay should not be apologetic. Why would they feel as such, and what they should have realized.

  11. The KJ paid Public Relation troopers is trying to woo us by saying how good KJ is. See the resemblance with the Red Bean Army strategy after they lost the election?.. trying to paint the devil with an angel face.

    This is really pathetic. Everyone working in Khazanah related company knows how his minions (Ganen, Zaida, Stephanie) is committing blunder after blunder and lost Khazanah money by the billions. Or maybe they are doing it on purpose just to generate wealth for KJ?.. Those who is saying KJ has repented must be out of their mind. Yes he has becoming wiser but by doing his dirty business more discreetly and through his minions in Khazanah, Petronas and now KPJ.

    I really hope Najib realize this quickly or just like Pak Lah, he has to go.

  12. a seems that all his words r scripted...i get ur point penatlah if he is another AI...

  13. while one cannot deny the parallel between KJ and AI in terms of their rise to power, I would still like to give him a chance. Your article is good as it serves as a sort of wake up call, like "hey better watch out this guy, so that history won't repeat itself".