Thursday, 13 June 2013

Open letter to Prime Minister Najib Razak: Shape Up or Ship Out

This will be a very short article (No point writing a long article since Najib does not listen).

1. I am truly fed-up with Najib. The GE13 has passed but the boss is still 'sleeping'.

2. Najib is indecisive . Najib does not listen to normal Joe and Jane. He is a 'bangsawan'. He prefers to listen to his advisors who do not have 'Roh Islam/Melayu'. His younger brother (Nazir) really acted like an ungrateful moron.

3. You should never pissed the hands that help you! Najib has refused/ignored the many advices from the grassroots to remove his advisers.

4. In his sincere effort to bring economic wealth to this nation, Najib has truly lost the plot. Defending the security and welfare of the Malay Muslim is now considered a sin and no longer a priority.

The trend today is to piss on the people who voted for you and to fulfill the wishes of the people who pissed on you.

5.Whoever replaces Najib should understand that - If you have a strong Malay Muslim support, the others will respect and vote for you.