Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tanda Putera: Why it should not be delayed

1. Since the past few weeks, there have been talks from both sides of the political fence on the movie 'Tanda Putera'. It is a movie by the renowned director, Suhaimi Baba. Large part of the film is about the  friendship between Allahyarham Tun Razak (then Prime Minister) and Allahyarham Tun Ismail (then Deputy Prime Minister) and how they try to build the country after a major crisis.

2. Sadly, the DAP led Pakatan is up in arms trying to influence people (especially the ethnic chinese) that this movie is just a conspiracy for the Government to get votes.

3. In this article, I am not going to respond or talk about the Pakatan DAP opposition of this film; instead, I will write about the unfounded hysteria on this movie among the pro-Government people.

4. There are two opinions on this film:

The first opinion
We accept the film shows FACTS which can easily be corroborated by reading the MAGERAN official reports*. However, we believe that it is not the right time to show this movie because it may slight the feelings of a certain community. It will dampen the spirit of Merdeka. It does not do any good for it to be showned during the Merdeka month.

The second opinion:
The film is based on FACTS. There is no need for delaying the film. Some communities might be slighted but it is history! If a racist Chinapunk was allowed to produce a film about our society without any delay, why would you want to delay a film by a well-mannered and experienced producer? Is it worthwhile to ignore our nation history to appease others who have decided to close their minds and hearts to you?

5. I can understand both opinions. Personally, I am more inclined towards the latter rather than the former.

6. Look at Hollywood; they produced many films about the treatment of African-American by White-Americans during the 60s. Some of these films even won Oscar and some of them were even shown during the 4th July (US Independence Day). Do these kinds of films anger some Americans (especially those living in the Bible belt areas)? Yes. Do they delay these films? No. They let the population decides whether to watch it or not.

7. The fact that African-American are still being treated in racist manner in 2012 (although more subtle than in the 60s) is irrelevant. The point is the producers dare to produce such films because it is part of their history.

8. They hope that by producing such films it might subconsciously influence the current generation not to repeat the mistake of their parents or grandparents.

9. I know the FINAS management said that their decision is not influenced by anyone but I doubt it. Therefore, I urge the politicians who are pressuring FINAS to think carefully.

10. If we are afraid of the political consequences of this film, there is none. The DAP led Pakatan and their supporters has already stamped their “seal of disapproval”.

11. Are we afraid of seeing Malays running amok in KL streets after watching this movie? I hardly doubt it. The May 13th tragedy occurred due to economic disparity. Although the disparity still exist, the Malays nowadays are much better than their parents and grandparents are in the 1960s, thanks to the effort by the Government to raise the economic livelihood of the Malays.

12. The insolent attitude of opposition supporters brandishing their “penyapu” on top of a lorry along the KL streets was only the precursor to the riot; it was not the core reason. That is why we came out with the Dasar Ekonomi Baru (DEB). It’s the economy!

13. Last, I urge that this movie to be shown without any further interferences (that means reinstating the 30 minutes scene that was cut –out) or delay. There will always be haters; these people do not need to watch it, simple! They just need to sit on their bum and continue blaming the government for all the problems in the world. :-p

14. Maybe, we are waiting for the racist Chinapunk to produce his “version of our nation history”, and then only we will show Tanda Putera. I wonder, if this punk is to come out with his own film, will it be banned or delayed? From experience, I highly doubt it. Last time, he even got monetary help to produce his film by the same Government who he cursed with @#$%.

* http://rayaputeh.wordpress.com/laporan-tragedi-13-mei/