Sunday, 5 October 2014

Have UMNO lost the plot?

1. Recently, the price of petrol increased by RM0.20 per litre. No doubt, this is after Najib received his 'weekly economics lecture' by his favorite consultans - Jala, Omar and Wahid

2. UMNO leaders were so full of themselves after the unexpected increased in majority during the the Pengkalan Kubor by-election. They thought that the kampung folks (read:Malays) are behind them no matter what.

3. Being born into an aristocratic family, Najib has no clue how normal Joe and Jane lives. A recent example of his cluelessness was when he went out for stroll trying to meet homeless people in KL after one of his commander made a very insensitive remarks about homeless people. After talking with a number of the homeless people, he turned to reporters and sigh '...macam mana nak buat ni?'.

4. Apparently, Najib was not aware that there is such a group who are categorized as urban poor.  For aristocrat (bangsawan) like him, the Malaysian society is divided into 3 classes: Poor, Middle Income and Rich. If one were to look at the current leadership in UMNO, almost all of them were sons/daugther of a former UMNO warlords.

5. Of course, the opposition parties are also 2x5, and so are the other component parties but they are not the subject of this blog entry.

6.  It is time that we stop blaming his consultans; the bucks stop with Najib. If we look at the political career of Tun Mahathir, he had many advisors but his speeches was his and when he has to make a decision on a major issue, he will go to great length to understand the fundamentals of the issue. Unlike Najib and Paklah, Tun Mahathir does not outsource his cognitive capability to consultans although back then there were many.

7. So what now for UMNO? The leaders are dumb, deaf and blind. The members are disillusioned, disorganized and demotivated. The rise in petrol a couple of days before Eid was the death knell for UMNO. The anger of the silent majority of Malays is clearly evident to all except the UMNO leaders. UMNO will be defeated in the next General Election.

8. Najib thinks that all will be fine with the angry Malays when he introduced a higher BR1M payment come Friday.

9. For Najib's footsoldiers cum cybertroopers, they have no idea how to pacify the angry Malays. So they do what they do best - scape goating the SJKC. Yesterday, there was a talk about raising the SJKC issue during the PAU. I also opposed SJKC. Many other Malaysians also opposed SJKC. However, the diversion tactic is stupid.

If you punch a Nationalist in the stomach and then asked him to support your nationalistic agenda, the guy could not give a damn about your agenda. In his mind, he is just waiting for the right time to punch you back.

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