Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Future of United Malays National Organisation (UMNO)

1. I am upset, shocked and saddened by what had transpired in the recently concluded UMNO party election. I have not been active post GE13 because I am so disappointed with the level of "transformation" that have been going on in this party.

2. Like many people out there, I voted for BN in GE13 because I thought that Prime Minister Najib will do what is just even though it might be seen as "unfair" by certain people. I also thought that after the humiliation that the Prime Minister received from a certain quarter n GE13, he would finally wake up and smell the coffee. We all thought that the government would grow some balls and start to clean itself from corruption and get rid of "musuh dalam selimut".

3. However, post GE13 saw none of these changes. Instead, the country has moved in an opposite direction. After all the big talk about "transformation", I finally understood what it meant - turning United Malays Nationalist Organization (UMNO) to United Malaysian Liberal Organization (UMLO).

Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2002

Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2020?

4. The recently concluded Pemilihan Agung UMNO 2013 is a testament to this. Despite countless warnings about the second coming of Anwar Ibrahim 2.0 (read: Khairy Jamaluddin) by this author ( the majority of the 140,000 UMNO members still voted for the guy. I am not sure whether they are either dumb, blind or something in-between?

 Can you spot the similarities?

5. After all the crap talk about transformation not a single transformation has occurred. We still have the same party President, the same Deputy President, the same three Vice Presidents, the same Ketua Wanita and the same Ketua Scum Pemuda. You want the government servants to change (be more resourceful/productive) but you yourself are afraid of change. You asked the rakyat to change their lifestyle but you still continue to spend lavishly.

Now you know where Hassan Malek got his great idea from...

"Kalau harga ayam mahal, makan la daging"

6. Blogger JebatMustDie had recently posted regarding the liberalization of UMNO - . I totally agree with the blogger, WTF would UMNO want to compete with PKR in trying to capture the votes of Melayu liberals, homosexuals, lesbian, syiah and apostates? What political power do these groups have? How many percent do these groups represent?

In the last GE13, PKR received the least amount of votes from Malays out of the three parties (UMNO, PAS and PKR). One could not but think that this must be another "blue ocean strategy" that the Prime Minister is so keen of. Politically, this is stupid! The fact is the 5 types of groups mentioned aboved represent less than 1% of Malaysian society. They are irrelevant (politically speaking).

The correct "blue ocean strategy" would be trying to find common ground (i.e. mutual pact) with PAS so that both parties can stop the aggression and petty fightings and start improve the welfare of the majority of the people in this country.

 The Melayu liberals
The homosexuals
The lesbians
 The Syiah
The apostates

7. The UMNO leaders have lost their moral compass. I'm afraid a few years from now, the word "Melayu" will be taboo.  UMNO, the party could still be relevant IF the grassroots start to wake up and guide the leaders (and not the other way around) to steer the ship in the correct path.

8. I fear that GE14 will be the last time UMNO will be in power. With Tan Sri Muhyiddin retiring in 2017, the "cousins" and the liberals in UMNO will eat Zahid Hamidi alive. The defeat of Mukhriz Mahathir is a huge loss not just to UMNO but also to the entire

9. The backstabbing by UMNO own members colluding with Pakatan's online news portal tabloid portal to smear him will not go unnoticed by the general public. The problem with the liberals in UMNO is that they are forgetful lot. The last time when they were in power, they proudly denigrate Tun Mahathir's name and image, saying that he is irrelevant and what not.We will see who is relevant or not...

10. Maybe it is time for the Muslim Malays in this country to shift their support to a party that better represent (as well as appreciate) them. However the current choice that we have at the moment are truly pathetic; DAP (a racist party), PKR (party of the 5 groups mentioned aboved) and PAS (a party who has lost the same moral compass like UMNO). I suspect that we will see a plethora of new political parties sooner rather than later. It is up to us, the rakyat, to choose which of these upcoming political parties that can best represent us.

11. Alternatively, we could all become more libertarian and start taking more responsibilities on our own. As the saying goes; the more responsibilities you give to the government, the more powerful they become and the more corruption and unjust action will occur.

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