Saturday, 19 December 2015

An open letter to Malaysian Muslim: Choosing our battles wisely – Part 1

Much has been said regarding the recently concluded Multaqa Al Azhar where for the first time since 2002, UMNO and PAS leaders shared a same stage. Personally, this event is more significant than the event in 2002, mainly because the event in 2002 was about the Palestinian struggle whereas the current one is closer to home - about Malaysian Muslim unity.

I received various feedback from the general public. In this article I would like to advise my fellow Malaysian Muslim to choose our battle wisely. The following are some questions which I have come across while talking with regular Ahmad (Joe) and Aminah (Jane).

1) I agree that Muslim in Malaysia should unite as mentioned in the Quran. However, I feel pissed off, upset and angry looking at the picture of both leaders! You know what I mean?!

First, let us admit the truth - the reason why you feel angry, upset and pissed off is due to the high cost of living. Period. It has nothing to do with seeing Muslim political parties attempting to form political collaboration.

Secondly, majority of Malaysians believe the current Government has betrayed the trust given by us in GE13. They have not done their job properly – from handling of the economy to the farcical issue of 1MDB.

I get it. You do not believe Najib when he said that the RM2.6 billion was a donation from some Arabs.  You believed GST was introduced so the government can pay off 1MDB loan interest. You are dumbfounded why nobody have answered what happened to the RM42 billion loan. You feel betrayed because in the election manifesto, BN said they are going to reduce tolls but now they are planning to increase them. Basically, you think Najib and his cabinet are a bunch of incompetent nincompoop. I get it.

My answer is simple – @#$% Najib and his cabinets. Make a note in your smartphone that in 2018 (i.e. GE14), we get rid of Najib and his nincompoop ministers.

But while we wait for that glorious day to come, why not strengthen the Muslim ummah? Identify our source of anger: are we angry at the UMNO-PAS alliance or at certain leaders in UMNO? Once we have identified our source of anger, re-direct it to our advantage.  A simple analogy would be: you are sick of working in Bank Harimau, but while waiting for another job, you take advantage of the self-improvement courses that the bank offers.

2) UMNO back-stabbed PAS previously. It would be silly to repeat the mistake!

We could open the history book and go through all the ‘who did what’ history lesson but it will be of no use. A simple answer is – who cares? Start fresh.

As far as I know, all the main players of the 1950s split are dead. Similarly, the main players of the 1975 split are no longer in power and some have even passed away. In the past, both parties have acted like nincompoop. It is interesting to note that PAS-UMNO relationship went through only 2 divorces (1950 and 1977) whereas PAS-DAP relationship went through 3 divorces (1990, 2004, 2015). So what is the big deal really?

Why don’t we take lesson from our own Islamic history? When the Jewish tribe of Banu Nadir betrayed the Muslim after the battle of Uhud, did that stop the Prophet SAW from making alliances with other Jewish tribes? No.

A couple of years later, the Muslim army was betrayed by another Jewish tribe (Bani Khuraizah) during the battle of trench (Khandak), did that stop the Prophet SAW from making alliances with the other Jews? No.

Roughly a year after Khandak, Banu Nadir again betrayed the Muslim which resulted in the battle of Khaybar where most of the Jews ran away to Roman Syria. When Syria was finally conquered during the time of the 2nd Caliph, Umar Al Khattab r.a., did Umar refused to make alliances with the descendants of Banu Nadir who fled from Khaybar? No.

If the Prophet SAW and his rightly guided caliphs always gave peace and unity a chance, why can’t we? Who are we to say what will happen in the future? Go and google about Suhail ibnu Amr and what happened between him with Umar r.a. .

What happened in the past, let them remain in the past.

3) Why now? When UMNO was strong why didn’t UMNO ask to have tahaluf siyasi with PAS? Why seek PAS friendship when UMNO is weak ? Why? Why?

Many attempts were made to unite the two parties since the first split in 1950s. It  succeeded temporarily in the early 70s but greed, power and women screw it up. Even after the second split, numerous attempts were made by people from inside and outside the two parties.

1982 was supposed to be the date where the path to unity started. The idea was in 10 years time, both UMNO and PAS will have the same ideology which will pave the way for a closer political collaborations between the two parties.

Anwar and his ABIM gang joined UMNO while Yusof Rawa and his gang took over power from Asri Muda. Unfortunately, greed, money, power and women took over. Some people who still remember the 1982 oath continued to bring the two parties together. By the early 2000, it was obvious that the two party will never abandon their respective ship.

In 2002, 20 years after the '1982 Grand Strategy', we met with the leaders of the two parties. We told them, stay in your respective parties if you wish, but let us agree to disagree and focus on working together on areas where we have mutual interest. Initially, the idea was a bit awkward because in the Malay society, when you fight someone, you tend to go all out. When Paklah became PM, efforts were also taken but failed due to the rise of liberal anglophile nincompoops which are currently infesting the current Najib government and GLCs.

The truth is, consistent efforts have been made since 1950s to bring unity to the Muslim ummah in Malaysia from both sides of the fence.

4) PAS was founded on the basis of Islam whereas UMNO is based on nationalism. How can they co-operate?

Firstly, Malays have a different understanding of the word nationalism. Our concept of nationalism is totally different from the French, the Germans or the British. For Malays, Malay nationalism is an umbrella concept which encompassed the person faith and nationality. You are not a Malay if you are not a Muslim. Period.

Secondly, the PAS that you see today only started in 1983 under the presidency of Yusof Rawa who was our former Ambassador to Iran during the time of Shah of Iran. The first Majlis Syura was in the year 1984. The PAS of Yusof Rawa is different from PAS of Ahmad Hassan. The PAS of Ahmad Hassan is different from the PAS of Burhanuddin Helmi. The PAS of Asri Muda was a complete opposite of PAS of Burhanuddin. PAS of Anwar (circa 2008-2013) is different from the current PAS. PAS has shown great flexibility and pragmatism in politics over the years.

5) Allahyarham Nik Aziz would never agree to the current political strategy that Hadi Awang is making.

This is simply untrue! If you look at the statements by Allahyarham Nik Aziz in the last year before he passed away, you would noticed a change in his stance in regards to working with UMNO for mutual benefit. Langkah Kajang was the turning point for many of PAS leaders including Nik Aziz. Google for his statement on Langkah Kajang, about Hudud and about the rebellion against Hadi Awang circa 2014.

6) Surely Parti Amanah Negara (PAN) is better suited with UMNO?

This might be true 20-30 years ago, but I am not so sure of it now. Personally, PAN consist of political animals who practice Machiavellian politics. Their aim is to do just about anything to achieve political power. Once they have attained power, only then will they implement 'real Islam'. Of course this is all bull-crap and a re-hash of the strategy that Anwar and gang planned in early 1980s prior to join UMNO. We all know what happened afterwards. If you sell your Deen to achieve power, the power you attain will have no barakah and you will end looking like a sad loser.

If you look closely, UMNO is now divided into two groups: the liberal/secularist are the minority whereas the moderates are the majority. Just look at the recent PAU 2015 and also the many roadshows by Pro-Tun supporters. They cried Allahuakbar (God is great) rather than Hidup Melayu or Hidup UMNO.  The de-secularization of UMNO is one of the great legacy of ABIMization process (despite many of their leaders went astray).

PAN is UMNO (the liberal/secular version). So why would UMNO want to be in a coalition with someone who is a carbon copy of its old self?

7) Why not invite PKR or PAN? Are they not Malay majority parties?

Inviting PAN is a waste of time. UMNO already have their own set of liberal PANsters – see Khairy, Azalina Othman, Said Keruak, Nur Jazlan, Tengku Adnan, etc. But I strongly encourage that Najib and Hadi should extend the olive branch to Azmin Ali's camp in PKR. Why Azmin Ali’s camp and not Wan Azizah’s? In his short stint as Menteri Besar, he has shown to be a pragmatic politician. Whether you like him or not, you have to give credit to him for bringing stability to the state. So far, he has not made nincompoop statements as MB nor has he made any statements supporting liberal NGOs.

I could not care less if UMNO leaders get kicked out in GE14. Like majority of Malaysians, I believe UMNO leaders are corrupt and are out of touch with the regular people. Nonetheless, I believe UMNO as a political institution is OK and the PAS-UMNO (and possibly Azmin's PKR) coalition is a good thing because it give us complete assurance that if anything happened to one of the Muslim majority parties, the fate and interest of Muslim in Malaysia are protected. You can hate Najib, UMNO, PAS, Hadi Awang all you want, but choose your battle wisely and strategize. If there is an opportunity for safeguarding the interest of Muslim, take it. Remember, our first loyalty is to Allah, not to our party or our political ideology.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Have UMNO lost the plot?

1. Recently, the price of petrol increased by RM0.20 per litre. No doubt, this is after Najib received his 'weekly economics lecture' by his favorite consultans - Jala, Omar and Wahid

2. UMNO leaders were so full of themselves after the unexpected increased in majority during the the Pengkalan Kubor by-election. They thought that the kampung folks (read:Malays) are behind them no matter what.

3. Being born into an aristocratic family, Najib has no clue how normal Joe and Jane lives. A recent example of his cluelessness was when he went out for stroll trying to meet homeless people in KL after one of his commander made a very insensitive remarks about homeless people. After talking with a number of the homeless people, he turned to reporters and sigh '...macam mana nak buat ni?'.

4. Apparently, Najib was not aware that there is such a group who are categorized as urban poor.  For aristocrat (bangsawan) like him, the Malaysian society is divided into 3 classes: Poor, Middle Income and Rich. If one were to look at the current leadership in UMNO, almost all of them were sons/daugther of a former UMNO warlords.

5. Of course, the opposition parties are also 2x5, and so are the other component parties but they are not the subject of this blog entry.

6.  It is time that we stop blaming his consultans; the bucks stop with Najib. If we look at the political career of Tun Mahathir, he had many advisors but his speeches was his and when he has to make a decision on a major issue, he will go to great length to understand the fundamentals of the issue. Unlike Najib and Paklah, Tun Mahathir does not outsource his cognitive capability to consultans although back then there were many.

7. So what now for UMNO? The leaders are dumb, deaf and blind. The members are disillusioned, disorganized and demotivated. The rise in petrol a couple of days before Eid was the death knell for UMNO. The anger of the silent majority of Malays is clearly evident to all except the UMNO leaders. UMNO will be defeated in the next General Election.

8. Najib thinks that all will be fine with the angry Malays when he introduced a higher BR1M payment come Friday.

9. For Najib's footsoldiers cum cybertroopers, they have no idea how to pacify the angry Malays. So they do what they do best - scape goating the SJKC. Yesterday, there was a talk about raising the SJKC issue during the PAU. I also opposed SJKC. Many other Malaysians also opposed SJKC. However, the diversion tactic is stupid.

If you punch a Nationalist in the stomach and then asked him to support your nationalistic agenda, the guy could not give a damn about your agenda. In his mind, he is just waiting for the right time to punch you back.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The Future of United Malays National Organisation (UMNO)

1. I am upset, shocked and saddened by what had transpired in the recently concluded UMNO party election. I have not been active post GE13 because I am so disappointed with the level of "transformation" that have been going on in this party.

2. Like many people out there, I voted for BN in GE13 because I thought that Prime Minister Najib will do what is just even though it might be seen as "unfair" by certain people. I also thought that after the humiliation that the Prime Minister received from a certain quarter n GE13, he would finally wake up and smell the coffee. We all thought that the government would grow some balls and start to clean itself from corruption and get rid of "musuh dalam selimut".

3. However, post GE13 saw none of these changes. Instead, the country has moved in an opposite direction. After all the big talk about "transformation", I finally understood what it meant - turning United Malays Nationalist Organization (UMNO) to United Malaysian Liberal Organization (UMLO).

Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2002

Perhimpunan Agung UMNO 2020?

4. The recently concluded Pemilihan Agung UMNO 2013 is a testament to this. Despite countless warnings about the second coming of Anwar Ibrahim 2.0 (read: Khairy Jamaluddin) by this author ( the majority of the 140,000 UMNO members still voted for the guy. I am not sure whether they are either dumb, blind or something in-between?

 Can you spot the similarities?

5. After all the crap talk about transformation not a single transformation has occurred. We still have the same party President, the same Deputy President, the same three Vice Presidents, the same Ketua Wanita and the same Ketua Scum Pemuda. You want the government servants to change (be more resourceful/productive) but you yourself are afraid of change. You asked the rakyat to change their lifestyle but you still continue to spend lavishly.

Now you know where Hassan Malek got his great idea from...

"Kalau harga ayam mahal, makan la daging"

6. Blogger JebatMustDie had recently posted regarding the liberalization of UMNO - . I totally agree with the blogger, WTF would UMNO want to compete with PKR in trying to capture the votes of Melayu liberals, homosexuals, lesbian, syiah and apostates? What political power do these groups have? How many percent do these groups represent?

In the last GE13, PKR received the least amount of votes from Malays out of the three parties (UMNO, PAS and PKR). One could not but think that this must be another "blue ocean strategy" that the Prime Minister is so keen of. Politically, this is stupid! The fact is the 5 types of groups mentioned aboved represent less than 1% of Malaysian society. They are irrelevant (politically speaking).

The correct "blue ocean strategy" would be trying to find common ground (i.e. mutual pact) with PAS so that both parties can stop the aggression and petty fightings and start improve the welfare of the majority of the people in this country.

 The Melayu liberals
The homosexuals
The lesbians
 The Syiah
The apostates

7. The UMNO leaders have lost their moral compass. I'm afraid a few years from now, the word "Melayu" will be taboo.  UMNO, the party could still be relevant IF the grassroots start to wake up and guide the leaders (and not the other way around) to steer the ship in the correct path.

8. I fear that GE14 will be the last time UMNO will be in power. With Tan Sri Muhyiddin retiring in 2017, the "cousins" and the liberals in UMNO will eat Zahid Hamidi alive. The defeat of Mukhriz Mahathir is a huge loss not just to UMNO but also to the entire

9. The backstabbing by UMNO own members colluding with Pakatan's online news portal tabloid portal to smear him will not go unnoticed by the general public. The problem with the liberals in UMNO is that they are forgetful lot. The last time when they were in power, they proudly denigrate Tun Mahathir's name and image, saying that he is irrelevant and what not.We will see who is relevant or not...

10. Maybe it is time for the Muslim Malays in this country to shift their support to a party that better represent (as well as appreciate) them. However the current choice that we have at the moment are truly pathetic; DAP (a racist party), PKR (party of the 5 groups mentioned aboved) and PAS (a party who has lost the same moral compass like UMNO). I suspect that we will see a plethora of new political parties sooner rather than later. It is up to us, the rakyat, to choose which of these upcoming political parties that can best represent us.

11. Alternatively, we could all become more libertarian and start taking more responsibilities on our own. As the saying goes; the more responsibilities you give to the government, the more powerful they become and the more corruption and unjust action will occur.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Open letter to Prime Minister Najib Razak: Shape Up or Ship Out

This will be a very short article (No point writing a long article since Najib does not listen).

1. I am truly fed-up with Najib. The GE13 has passed but the boss is still 'sleeping'.

2. Najib is indecisive . Najib does not listen to normal Joe and Jane. He is a 'bangsawan'. He prefers to listen to his advisors who do not have 'Roh Islam/Melayu'. His younger brother (Nazir) really acted like an ungrateful moron.

3. You should never pissed the hands that help you! Najib has refused/ignored the many advices from the grassroots to remove his advisers.

4. In his sincere effort to bring economic wealth to this nation, Najib has truly lost the plot. Defending the security and welfare of the Malay Muslim is now considered a sin and no longer a priority.

The trend today is to piss on the people who voted for you and to fulfill the wishes of the people who pissed on you.

5.Whoever replaces Najib should understand that - If you have a strong Malay Muslim support, the others will respect and vote for you.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Open letter to Malaysian: Why do we need to learn history?

Dear Malaysians,

1. Today, the Prime Minister has appointed a controversial figure (let us name him Mr KJ) to become a Minister. Since we are living in a free and open democracy, please allow me to give my opinion on this appointment.

2. Firstly, I respect the Prime Minister prerogative in appointing his cabinet but that does not mean we should stay silent.

3. Exactly 30 years ago, a controversial bloke (let us called him Mr AI) was appointed as a full minister - Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports. He was appointed to this ministerial position after he defeated SK for the Youth Leader position the year before. He was also at that time a member of Parliament after winning the PP seat.

Today, Mr KJ was appointed to the same ministerial position after winning the Youth Leader position and Parliamentary seat.

4. When Mr AI defeated SK for the Youth Leader position in a heated party election, there were cries of  'politik wang' or in a laymen term - rasuah. Coincidentally, when Mr KJ became Youth Leader in a heated election there were also shouts of rasuah...rasuah...rasuah.

5. AI was and still is considered the best in terms of oratory skill in Malaysian politics. Many of the world dictators are brilliant orator - Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini. Mao, etc . In Multi level marketing (MLM), you sell yourself and your product to get people attention. In Pasar Seni, fraudsters sells snake oil to get people attention and usually they will show documents and so called 'evidence' to get people attention.

Back in the old days, Mr AI used Islam as his products and his involvement in many different youth and Islamic societies as a testimonial of his abilities and capabilities. Back then, whoever tried to criticize Mr AI, they were chided as being jealous (the J-word). Of course, as Mr AI progressed in the political scene, he slowly changed his product from Islam to the Malay agenda. However, today, Mr AI talks about liberalization and acceptance of gay rights.

Similarly, Mr KJ is also a good orator. He uses his academic credential as his testimonial. When someone try to criticize him, his supporters will throw the J-word. His products? When he first came to prominence, he was selling the Malay agenda as his product. He was so adamant of this agenda that one of his goons  provoked the then Youth Leader to show 'the keris'. However, lately, he has change his tune and try to re-brand his product similar to what Mr AI did.

6. Just five months after joining a political party, Mr AI was appointed Deputy Minister at the PM Office. During this short period of time, he recruited a lot of his friends from ABIM, and at the PM office, he started scheming and planning. One of his friend that he managed to brought over was also known as KJ! In fact Mr AI has two close friends named KJ. When Mr AI became Youth Leader, most of his supporters are already well-placed in the party hierarchy.

 Similarly, Mr KJ also had a short but destructive time at the DPM/PM office. He did better than Mr AI by marrying the DPM daughter in 2001. When the DPM became PM, his status went from Special Officer to the DPM -> Deputy Principal Private Secretary to the PM. There, he recruited a lot of his pals from around the world. This period of time is known as The Fourth Floor era. The effect of misrule and silly policies from the Fourth Floor Boys is still being felt until today. If you do not know what the Fourth Floor Boys is and their effects to the nation, please ask Uncle Google.

 7. It will be most interesting to see in the next couple of years how Mr KJ will use his position to influence the youth. My bet is that he will exactly do what Mr AI did when he was KBS and then later on, Education Minister. Back then, Mr AI abused his position to make himself an idol for the youth. Instead of promoting UMNO as a brand, he was promoting himself as the brand. This self-branding was continued in a large scale effort when he was appointed Minister of Education.

For the past 5 years, Mr KJ has done nothing as Youth Leader to improve the perception amongst the youth towards his party. Instead, he was busy promoting KJ as the brand, as a result he is considerably well-known in the social media world. This is just a sample of things to come.

8. The fact that a lot of the so called 'anti-rasuah' generals and brigades are congratulating him is just sickening. It shows that Malaysian are forgetful lot (mudah lupa). It also shows that rasuah is not really a problem as long as the toll price, the car price, the petrol price, the price of groceries and whatever else are cheap.

9. There is no such thing as new politics. Politics is old. When Mr AI was DPM, he used his minions in the mainstream media to project an aura of 'greatness'. Mr KJ uses social media to project his 'greatness'. At the end of the day, the objective and the desired result is still the same.

Mr Prime Minister, you were with Mr AI since the Youth days, are you too blind to see that Mr KJ is exactly like him? I do understand it is politically suicidal if Mr KJ was not given a position since he has branded himself well especially amongst the youth. So in GE14, please put him in a mixed or Chinese majority seat in Klang Valley.

10. Sulaiman Palestine once warned TDM to be careful of Mr AI. Now, I would like to remind the Prime Minister and the whole Malaysian to learn from history.

* Images were taken from

Monday, 13 May 2013

Open letter to the Prime Minister: BN can win urban Malay voters

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

1. First of all, I would like to congratulate you for your recent win. However, I share your disappointment at the failure of getting 2/3rd majority and getting back Selangor.

2. A lot of analysis have bee done by numerous people on why we failed. Please allow me to share my own opinion.

3. We did not get 2/3 + Selangor because 95% of Chinese voted for DAP led Pakatan and rejection of the urban Malay voters. I do not want to talk about the Chinese Tsunami since many people have covered this already. However I would like to state here that the Chinese Tsunami did indeed happened. Period.

In this letter, I would like to give my opinion on how to win back the urban Malay voters. We could have gotten the 2/3 + Selangor in the last GE if we had satisfy this group.

How to win them back?

a) They voted for Pakatan to get cheap cars

The urbanites did not want to listen to BN explanation. Period. In their minds, if the perceived corruption is eliminated then somehow this will trickle down so much so that the price of cars will be cheaper.

You can show all kinds of predictions and diagrams - they just refused to listen. The UMNO Youth failed to do their job despite having an 'intelligent' leader.

Solution  - Give them what they want.

 b) They voted for Pakatan to get free education

 The urban youth rejected BN explanation. In their mind, if the perceived corruption is eliminated then somehow this will trickle down and everybody can go to university for free.

They dont want explanation. The UMNO Youth failed to explain and convince the youth/students reg this issue despite the 'Twitter Popularity' of the UMNO Youth Leader.

Solution - Give them what they want

c) They voted for Pakatan to get cheaper houses

See (A) and (B)

d) They voted for Pakatan to get cheaper groceries

See (A), (B) and (C)

4. So you see Mr Prime Minister, all the talk about rasuah, unfair election etc is really a smokescreen. If you had promise to do 3 out of 4 from the above, you'll get your 2/3 + Selangor. Is it responsible? Can the country afford these? The urbanites do not care. They think that if there are no corruption then all the above could happen. They failed to look at Singapore where the amount of corruption is low but the price of houses are extremely expensive. They just do not want to listen.

5. I am not saying that we should take lightly of corruption. Actually we should have heavier and harsher penalty for corrupt individuals than what we have now.

6. BN has always been seen as a party for the rich and the very poor. You need to capture the middle class people because they are the majority in this country now. I have mentioned this before in my previous post but you opted to listen to your advisors instead - so i just kept quiet.

7. I was truly dissapointed with your continued appeasement of the Chinese and refusal to listen to the demand of the urban Malay middle class. You have 5 more years to rectify the mistakes. You do not need to appoint Anwar Ibrahim 2.0 to get the urban votes.

8. Try harder to unite UMNO-PAS. You had bend and kneel to the Chinese You went to great length to win their votes. Why cant you do the same for your base? Why are you taking your base for granted? Trust me, when the Malays unite, the rest will follow.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

A sarcastic reply to Azran Osman-Rani @azranosmanrani

Dear Comrade Azran,

As a fellow self-hating Malay, let me officially welcome you to the Self-Hating Malay Club (SHMC). At SHMC, our motto is 'To curb free-speech/expression for Malays'. Our goal is to intimidate the Malays and make them feel insecure, inferior and guilty. SHMC members are recruited on an invitation basis. Since you have shown such tremendous pompousness in your twitter, we feel that you deserve to join our illustrious club.


In regards to your twitter jab at Utusan Malaysia, you are absolutely correct. How dare this paper voice up what majority of the Malays are currently thinking?! That is so blasphemous! A newspaper should only report what is known as politically correct. This means feel free to write anything desparaging and degrading remarks to Malays but never write any criticism of the Chinese. So what if vernacular newspapers have been writing more racist and sensitive content for the past 5 years? We self-hating Malays only understand English and Malays.Therefore we can forgive the Chinese because they have suffered much.

I suggest that you get in touch with our comrades from Anti Defamation League (ADL) and learn from them how they discriminate and bully Muslim in a very sophisticated manner. Comrade Tian Chua should be able to give you the contact number.


The Chinese have been living in a hell for almost 60 years. They have been discriminated and tortured by the Malays. The Malays have never done anything for the Chinese! Don't be fool by the nice act of Malays buying from Chinese owned shop and supermarkets although there are Malays shop nearby - Malays are conniving. Also, don't listen to those people who say 90% of Top 10 richest person in Malaysia are Chinese! That is a lie! Those people are not Chinese! They are Malays who have done plastic surgery to look like a Chinese ! It is BN conspiracy!!! The Chinese can never make a living in this country because it is so terrible.


We at SHMC should do what the Chinese does - Buy Malays Last! Just look at the average income of Chinese for goodness sake - they have suffered so much comrade! At SHMC, we want to make sure that no Malays should ever question the Chinese ever again! If any Malays ever dare to question the Chinese motif, we at SHMC will report it to the corrupt PDRM.


I am happy that your company share similar corporate colour with our comrade in Penang (i.e. DAP). It is unfortunate that you did not speak out before GE13, otherwise we can inform comrade Kit Siang and comrade Guan Eng about you. You could have been Yang Berhormat by now instead of working for that capitalist boss of yours!


From time to time, people may ask you why you become a self-hating Malay. At SHMC, our standard mantra is - Blame BN! If you wear the wrong pants to work - Blame BN! If your son grows up becoming an ungrateful son - Blame BN.  If it is raining today - Blame BN. Basically comrade, Blame BN for everything. Get it?


Please tell the gullible Malays the truth.

a) You have never received any help from the Evil Darth Vader cum Saruman government which is BN. Tell them that you manage to study at Stanford because of the magical money tree behind your parents house.

b) Tell them that you became Senior Vice President (Policy & Development) at the corrupted BN owned KLSE because you are super duper Einstein-like mind, not because a Malay (former KLSE Chairman) gave you a chance.

c) You did not joined ASTRO - a company owned by Mahathir crony. Instead, Utusan Malaysia had cloned you and put your clone there.


As a conclusion, please tweet more self-hating statements in the future. We at SHMC welcome your tweets. Don't worry about the PDRM. They will not arrest people who criticize and make disparaging remarks against Malays, they will only catch you if you make such remarks to Chinese.

Personally, I will promote your company, Malindo Air, to my whole family and friends. We at SHMC will start boycotting Air Asia because Comrade Ambiga told us Air Asia flew Banglas into the country for GE13.

Your Comrade-In-Arms,

Fatimah Zuhri

Monday, 15 October 2012

Bangsamoro and its importance to Malaysia

1. Today, October 15 2012, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Philipine governent signed a historic framework agreement for the creation of the Bangsamoro in South Philipine of Mindanao.

2. The obvoius question to most Malaysian is - what is the big deal? Why our Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was honoured and considered a guest of honour at the historic event? Similarly, back in the late 80s and 90s, the Opposition parties also asked a similar question - why waste money and time to help a foreign people? To answer this, we have to go back to history.

3. Bangsamoro refers to the Muslim population in Southern Philipines. The word Bangsa is a Malay word refering to nation. Moro is a term given by Spanish rulers back when Philipines was under the colonization of Spain. During the 15th-16th century, Span was the world power and when they colonized Philipines, they noticed a group of people practicising a worship similar to that of the Moors in Andalusia (Southern Spain).

4. The first reason why we should celebrate the creation of Bangsamoro is because the Moros are our brothers/sisters - they are from the Malay stock and Muslim. When the Spanish came to colonize Philipines, the many Sultans from Southern Philipines rose up and fought the Spanish conquistadors. They fought bravely and only succumb to the mighty arsenal of the United States, 400 years later.

5. The second reason relates to the strategy in tackling the immigration problem in Sabah. The Moros and Sabahans are brothers, whether we want to admit it or not. Before the western powers (Portugues, Dutch, Spaniards, English, Americans) came and colonize the South East Asian region, people were free to travel and settle anywhere in this region. For example, the Sulu Sultanate and Brunei Sultanate are related. Furthermore, the Moros are seafarers people since ancient time and historical proof shows that they lived in Sabah (during the rule of Sulu Sultanate) before. If we kick them out en masse, either they will be killed in war with the Philipines or their children died in hunger.
By having a state of their own, they will be inspired to go back to their ancestral land and improve their own nation. This has always been our nation policy in tackling and solving the immigration problem in Sabah since the time of Tun Dr Mahathir. Being the far-sighted leader that he is, Tun understood what was the root cause of the immigration problem in Sabah - the lack of aspiration and independence of the Moros land.
6. The third reason is the prevention of Angle-Saxon intervention. For many years , United States together with their Anglo-Saxon cousins, United Kingdom and Australia have try to meddle in the South East Asian (SEA) region. For example, last year, President Obama declared the US will build a new base in Australia. Their aim is to involve in SEA by using the context of fighting terrorism. In the Mindanao region, an extreme militant group known as Abu Sayyaf was created out of frustration after many previous peace engagement with the Philipine Government failed. For many Malaysian, we first heard about Abu Sayyaf when they took over a resort in Sipadan Island in Sabah in 2000.

There is no doubt that Abu Sayyaf is a militant group that is desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. Not all Moros support them - majority do not. However, they agree with the cause - to setup an independent state. By having their own state, Uncle Sam and its Anglo-Saxons cousins have no casus beli to interfere in this region.

7. Another related reason is the safety of Malaysian water/sea and its impact to job creation. You may wondered, how does the creation of Bangsamoro create more jobs or increase the safety in Malaysia?
The coast of Sabah is known worldwide for its beauty. One of the strategy setup by the Government is to improve the tourism aspect in Sabah. The Sipadan kidnapping did affect the tourism industry in Sabah. There is many other area in the Sabahan coast which have potential to be further developed into an excellent tourist attraction. In a simple word, this will create jobs for locals! However, as we saw from the Sipadan kidnapping in 2000, if we have terrorist coming over and capturing any Mat Saleh, who would want to come?

There are also evidences suggesting that many of the crimes perpetrated by the illegal immigrants in Sabah is part of a mafia-like syndicate. When a robbery occurs, half of the money is given to terrorist or pirates (for protection). The pirates/terrorist then uses the money to buy weapons from the black market. By having a state where they can get a proper employment, there is less chance they will commit a crime in Sabah and indirectly this will weaken the pirates/terrorist in Sabah seacoast.

8. The fifth reason is its impact on the unresolved situation for our Muslim cousins in Pattani. The problem in South Thailand is similar to the problem in South Philipines. Similar to the Moros, the Pattanis would like to have their own state governed by their own elected official. Similar to the Moros, they are also Muslim. Malaysia may not be able to directly influence the Palestinian struggle but we can help our Muslim cousins nearby – Pattanis (Thailand), Moros (Philipines) and Rohingyas (Myanmar).
Just like the war between Moros and the Philipinos, the Pattanis and Thais are tired of waging war between each other. We have tried to help and broker a peace deal between both sides for many years now. Hopefully, with the news of the creation of  Bangsamoro, it will give boost to all sides in reaching a permanent peace.

9. I hope Malaysian will now understand the impact of the creation of Bangsamoro to our country. The five reasons given are just a short list of the many other benefits.There are others like how this will affect Philipines claim on Sabah which have been a thorny issue between us and the Philipines.

Here, I would like to highlight the achievement of our Government and our excellent foreign policy (FP). Starting from the time of Tun Abdul Razak, we move ourselves away from being a pro-US country to a neutral country. Our famous motto of ‘prosper thy neighbour’ has been the hallmark of our FP for many decades.

We believe in respecting our neighbours. We do not believe in meddling in our neighbour affairs unlike Singapore (Bersih etc). When we have disagreement with our neighbour, we will use all political channels available and try to have a win-win situation.

During the previous administration of Paklah, advised by a bunch of corrupt, incompetent and arrogant advisors, we almost forgot who we were. We were advised to follow the Sheriff of SEA (i.e Australia) in regards to many international affairs (e.g. Myanmar). We lost many friends who used to think highly of us but thank God that now we are starting to regain back their respect. The fact that our Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was honoured at the Bangsamoro signing ceremony is a sign of this respect.

10. It is cool to say the Government sucks. Yes, the Government is not free from faults. However when they do something good, we should give credit where credit is due. The creation of a Muslim state for the Moros people will not have happened if the BN Government were run by idiots. This is the differrence between how the Opposition parties and Barisan Nasional operates. The BN despite all their warts and faults, do come out with good and long term strategy that have proven repeatedly to work.

a) DAP never cared about the struggle of the Moros or Pattanis. Their solution to the immigration problem in Sabah was inhumane and stupid – just shoot or kick them out.

b) PAS who always like to show how Islamic they are did not do anything constructive to help their Muslim brothers in Mindanao. Their solution was for Malaysia to send armed forces to help the Moros. Their thinking capability is very much limited and emotional. Do they not understand that war should only be the last option? War only leads to destruction for both attackers and defenders. Just asked the Moros, Pattanis, Palestinians and Kashmiris.

c) For Anwar Ibrahim (PKR), he had an excellent opportunity to play a role to help the Moros (when he was the DPM). Sadly, he misused/abused the Moros situation and tried to populate Sabah with the Moros. I was there and I saw his strategy. He did not believe in the creation of Bangsamoro. He wanted all the Muslim from South Mindanao to come to Sabah so that the number of Muslim in Sabah will overtake the Christians. Mind you, he did not do this for Islam but for his own selfish gain. His strategy was an increase in Muslim power in Sabah means more allies UMNO Sabah. He will then use this Sabah delegations as his own personal base to launch attacks on Tun Ghaffar (success) and Tun Dr M (Failed). That is the animal known as Anwar Ibrahim. If people still want to believe this liar, then go ahead.

11. The success of the Bangsamoro framework today is due to our brilliant officials in the current government and in the past that have work tirelessly and with patient. I feel it is wrong for me to single out any names. Many have risk even their life, some even went into the jungle of Mindanao leaving their wife and children at home for weeks and months. To all these people, I would like to wish them thank you and may Allah SWT provide you with Jannah for what you have provide to the Moros in Mindanao.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Amendment to the Evidence Act 1950

1. Are you sick and tired of the constant fitnah/lies being thrown forth and back?

2. Are you sick of the shitty politickings that have engulfed our nation since 2008?

3. Are you repulsed by the constant "baling batu sembunyi tangan" type of people?

4. Well, look no further folks; soon we will have an updated version of Evidence Act 1950.

5. Parliament is discussing to improve the old Evidence Act 1950 by introducing the 3 things:

  1. To update the name of the act to Evidence Act 2012
  2.  New definition of computer
  3.  Presumption of guilt

6. Amendment No.1 is not controversial - it is just changing the name.

7. Amendment No.2 is needed because the definition of computer in 1950 or even 1998 is very different compared to today. Today the line between what can be considered as a computer is almost non-existent - even a mobile phone can be considered computer!

Currently, the definition in the old Act about computer is:

“computer” means any device for recording, storing, processing, retrieving or producing any information or other matter, or for performing any one or more of those functions, by whatever name or description such device is called; and where two or more computers carry out any one or more of those functions in combination or in succession or otherwise howsoever conjointly, they shall be treated as a single computer;

Parliament would like to update it to:

“computer” means an electronic, magnetic, optical, electrochemical, or other data processing device, or a group of such interconnected or related devices, performing logical, arithmetic, storage and display functions, and includes any data storage facility or communications facility directly related to or operating in conjunction with such device or group of such interconnected or related devices, but does not include an automated typewriter or typesetter, or a portable hand held calculator or other similar device which is on-programmable or which does not contain any data storage facility;’.

8. We are a developing nation in a modern world. Do we want to have a 50s Act for 2012? So no problem right for No.2? Good!

9. Now, we come to the controversial part of the amendment - No.3.Parliment would like to add 3 additional information. If you do not understand, read my summary in bold.

*** Publication here refers to photos/article/tweet/posting/chat/etc.

114A. (1) A person whose name, photograph or pseudonym appears on any publication depicting himself as the owner, host, administrator, editor or sub-editor, or who in any manner facilitates to publish or re-publish the publication is presumed to have published or re-published the contents of the publication unless the contrary is proved.

Meaning: You are accused if your real name or your internet nickname is being used as the owner of an article, which is under investigation. HOWEVER if you can provide proof that you were framed and somebody else used your name to write that article, you should not be worry.

There is an article titled "Azmin makan duit rakyat Selangor". The author wrote her name as Nazmi. Azmin brings Nazmi to court. Nazmi in her defense said "it was not me Min, sumpah! Bukan I Min! Percayalah...".

Since the article was written in (owned by Google), the police can request the IP of the "mysterious writer" from Google. Every time you log in to your blogger or Goggle account, your IP will be stored in Google system. From the police investigation, they found that the IP does not belong to Nazmi's account.
Turn out the actual writer is: Faekah.

(2) A person who is registered with a network service provider as a subscriber of a network service on which any publication originates from is presumed to be the person who published or re-published the publication unless the contrary is proved.

Meaning: You are accused if your account (UNIFI/STREAMYX/MAXIS/DIGI/etc) was used to publish an article under investigation. HOWEVER if you can provide proof that you were framed and somebody else used your name to write that article, you should not be worry.
There is photo of Izzah painted with the words "Izzah Penipu dan Gila Kuasa". The account was under the name Chua. Izzah brought Chuato court. Chua in his defense said : "Zah..bukan abang sayang...abang sayang Izzah..takkan la abang nak sabotage syg. Abg ni suka gigit...gigit telinga...sabotage ni tak main".

Every computer/phone/laptop/Xbox/etc has a MAC address. When you connect to the Internet your ISP can see this. The police check asked Chua whether he has any electronic devices and Chua replied "Only my phone sir" while looking at the officer's ear. Upon checking the MAC address of the phone, the MAC address did not match.

Turn out the actual writer is: Azmin.

(3)Any person who has in his custody or control any computer on which any publication originates from is presumed to have published or re-published the content of the publication unless the contrary is proved.

Meaning: You will get accused if your electronic devices have publications which is under investigation. HOWEVER if you can provide proof that you were framed and somebody else used your name to write that article, you should not be worry.
A tweet goes like this: "@anwaribrahim, you penipu kaum India! You promise macam2 sebelum GTX12 tapi skrg habuk pun tarak ada. @#$%@#%". The account was tweeted under the account psurendram. In anger, Anwar brought Surendran to court and in Surendran's defense he said: "Boss...sampai hati boss tuduh saya macam ini...lupakah janji2 kita dahulu? Sebangsa, Sejiwa, Sehidup, Semati? Cuma tak selubang sahaja...tu ka sebab boss marah?"

When a tweet is posted, all our tweets are stored in Twitter's many servers. Just like Facebook and Google, they also save for each tweet, info associated with that tweet e.g. time, date, location, IP, device name etc. The police can get these associated details of the tweet from Tweeter. Upon investigation, it was found that actually Surendran is innocent.

Turn out the culprit was someone who got jealous with Anwar's attention towards Surendran. He got so jealous that he took Surendran's phone while Surendran was busy entertaining Anwar and made that tweet. That person was Azizah!

10. If you are innocent then there is nothing to be worried. It is just an amendment to update the Act so that it is relevant according to our time.

11. Don't believe the hype that you can no longer FBooking or Tweeting. You can but post/tweet only truth! If you want to expose about the latest corruption involving Ministers or Agencies, please do so BUT provide evidence.

No Evidence = Fitnah. Simple no?

12. Freedom of speech and expression is upheld. Freedom of spreading malicious FITNAH is not!

Old Evidence Act 1950 - 
The New amendment -